$$$ Carbon Tax Advances in Flagstaff $$$

A future agenda item supporting a resolution for a federal carbon tax received the minimum support needed by the Flagstaff City Council to advance for future consideration.  This tax scheme, or as supporters like to call it, a “revenue neutral fee” is described as,

“a fee for making users of fossil fuels pay for climate damage their fuel use imposes by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and for motivating switches to clean energy.”  https://www.carbontax.org

“A tax has the primary purpose of raising revenue. By contrast, a fee recovers the cost of providing a service from a beneficiary. Since the CCL advocates for revenue-neutrality and a policy that doesn’t grow the government, we are advocating for a fee, not a tax. However, for purposes of discussion you will find carbon tax and carbon fee used interchangeably, and referring to the same type of legislation. This is fine, and don’t let it get in the way of the discussion. The tax or fee do the same thing, which is to include the damage that carbon is doing to our climate, oceans, and health in the price.”  https://citizensclimatelobby.org/carbon-fee-and-dividend/

Tune in to the Jeff Oravits Show today at 3PM as Jeff discusses this carbon tax scheme (or revenue neutral fee 🙂 with Elisha Dorfsmith.  This one will make your head spin folks!

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