Jeff Oravits Show, Conversation with Secretary of State Michele Reagan

Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s interview on the Jeff Oravits Show is now available to LISTEN TO ONLINE.

Secretary of State Reagan and Jeff Oravits covered a lot including: election trends for 2018, the initative process in Arizona including a groups push to legalize all drugs, as well as ballot harvesting.  They also talked about Secretary Reagan’s push to modernize the Secretary of States Office.

“We watch Flagstaff and this county really closely, just because it’s kinda of an interesting bellweather for whats going on in the publics mind that maybe we’re not hearing in certain other parts of the state.”  Secretary Reagan

The entire Thursday Jeff Oravits Show, including a discussion on Republican promises and the interview with Secretary Reagan is available HERE.

Tune in to the Jeff Oravits Show today at 3PM as Jeff talks with Senator Steve Smith.

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