Mayor Evans Reacts to Jeff Oravits Show “Listener Opinion”

The Arizona Daily Sun picked up on comments made on the Jeff Oravits Show regarding Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans posting to social media during council meetings.  The issue was brought up by Elisha Dorfsmith during his visit on the Wednesday, May 10th Show.  People on social media also pointed out their frustration with Mayor Evans posting during meetings.  The issue stemmed from a post made to Mayor Evans personal FaceBook account during the council meeting.  The next day, posted a listener opinion on this issue, “Mayor Evans, Pay Attention“.  Mayor Evans had this to say to the Arizona Daily Sun.

“Team Coral either makes or schedules posts at times when it is determined they will get the most views or reactions, and sometimes those posts are on Tuesday evenings,” Evans said. “There is an assumption that I am the only person that has access to my social media accounts, and that assumption is flawed.”

During the May 10th Show Jeff, Chaz and Elisha talked about this issue…LISTEN to the segment HERE.

Tune in to the Jeff Oravits Show today at 3PM as Jeff talks with Senator Steve Smith.

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