Wed. Show Uploaded_Evans/Putzova Push Flagstaff ID Cards for Illegals

Jeff and Chaz talk ID cards for illegals.
Mayor Coral Evans pushes for City ID cards.
Councilmember Eva Putzova scolds a speaker for using the word “illegals” while describing those in the US illegally.

“There’s no human being that’s illegal”  Flagstaff Councilmember Eva Putzova

Stuart McDaniel joins the show to discuss city, state and national issues.

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2 thoughts on “Wed. Show Uploaded_Evans/Putzova Push Flagstaff ID Cards for Illegals

  1. I recently caught up on this show via podcast and found it to be one of the most appalling shows I’ve heard you do. The audacity of Mayor Evans is astounding… For her to claim that these ID cards are necessary suggests she is either a complete moran, or that she is aiding and abetting those who blatantly defy our constitution. This is precisely why we have state IDs. Any citizen of the US in the city of Flagstaff who can not figure out how to get themselves a state ID is quite frankly undeserving of one.

  2. Eva’s “No illegal human being” comment is underhanded and disgustingly manipulative. No non-US citizen is guaranteed any constitutional rights by this country. And people here unconstitutionally are breaking our laws.
    Her disregard for property rights is downright frightening. This attitude that the government can regulate daily life on private property makes criminals out of average citizens engaging in reasonable behavior on property they have worked hard to attain. This woman is dangerous to the rights and liberties defined by and protected within the constitution. She makes me genuinely fear for the future of the city of Flagstaff.

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