Flagstaff Taxes & Fees Going UP!

The Flagstaff City Council is poised to raise the city portion of your property taxes and has the authority to raise it by as much as 12% this year.  Several months back council agreed to raise taxes the maximum allowable under AZ law.  That’s 14% over a two year period.  So the agreement, although not formally voted on yet, was to raise it 7% this year and 7% next year.

Flagstaff City Councilman Scott Overton was the lone no vote on the property tax increase.  

The other 6 members, lead by Mayor Coral Evans and Eva Putzova were joined by Celia Barotz, Jim McCarthy, Jamie Whelan and Charlie Odegaard in agreement over the two year maximum 14% increase.

The bigger shock will most likely come from anticipated fee increases that will most likely get little attention, except of course on the Jeff Oravits Show.  Plus don’t forget that July 1st, the minimum wage is also increasing to $10.50.  We’ll discuss this and more Monday at 3PM.

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Upcoming Voting Schedule.
June 6, 2017     Tentative adoption of budget by Council
June 20, 2017   Truth in taxation, proposed budget & tax levy public hearing
June 20, 2017   Final budget adoption (done in a Special Meeting)
June 20, 2017   First reading of property tax ordinance
July 5, 2017      Final reading and adoption of property tax ordinance

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4 thoughts on “Flagstaff Taxes & Fees Going UP!

  1. Can the members of the City Council be Recalled, otherwise Fired before end of their elected term? The more I hear of what This City Council is doing as to Tax Payer monies as well as the Rise of Taxes and their lack of listening to the Citizens of Flagstaff but going their own way. If there is a way to do a Recall, I would certainly give it serious consideration.

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