NAU: New Buildings Up, Tuition Up

The building boom continues for NAU’s Flagstaff Campus.  The Jeff Oravits Show recently talked about the $100,000,000 in new bonding capacity available to Arizona’s three universities.  Well it looks like NAU is taking advantage of this.  According to the Arizona Daily Sun, they will borrow up to $9.25 million to build a new recital hall with a price tag of $15 million.

As discussed extensively on the Jeff Oravits Show, tuition continues to rise for Arizona’s Universities.  NAU tuition per year is listed at $10,764.  That of course does not include books, housing and other expenses.  Flagstaff housing and cost of living remains the highest in the state.  And of course college debt remains a huge problem in the U.S. currently sitting at about $1.3 trillion dollars.

Join the Jeff Oravits Show next week at 3PM on 97.1 the Big Talker for a discussion on NAU’s building boom and the college debt crisis.

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