Show Uploaded_GOP Shooting Discussion_Guest Debbi Grogan

Jam packed Jeff Oravits Show today.  Discussion on the shooting that happened today at the GOP baseball practice for an upcoming charity game between Democrats and Republicans. Five were shot today including the shooter who was shot by Capitol Hill Police.

Jeff, Chaz and guest Debbi Grogan discuss, agree on some issue and disagree on others.  Is this a turning point where our nation gets back to civility and away from violence?  Is this a point in which we get away from the nasty attacks and calls of violence?  Let’s hope so for our nation.

1st Segment June 14th, 2017
Discussion on GOP shooting, carrying concealed in D.C. and 6 months of hate against President Trump including leadership and Hollywood types out of control comments against President Trump.

2nd Segment June 14th, 2017
Conversation with Debbi Grogan on todays GOP shooting, Jeff comments on intensity of Trump media coverage in the past six months and Debbi compares it to Obama’s time in the White House.

3rd Segment June 14th, 2017
Conversation with Debbi Grogan continues.  Some callers challenge Debbi.

4th Segment June 14th, 2017
Final thoughts.  Preview of tomorrows show.

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