“Property Tax Fairness Law” Explained on Todays Jeff Oravits Show

On today’s Jeff Oravits Show I proposed the “Property Tax Fairness Law”. Senator Allen and Representative Thorpe have agreed to pursue this next session.

Add your name in support of this by emailing your name & city you live in. 

It’s real simple, any property tax increase must be approved by the voters!

Podcast of todays show available:
PLAY…Jeff introduces the Property Tax Fairness Law.
Large property tax increase with Charlie Odegaard & Elisha Dorfsmith.
PLAY…$450,000 property tax increase, $500,000 in city hall expenses, $1,500,000 increase in fees, plus millions in new sales tax revenue.  PLUS, Jeff explains why governments are like fishbowls.
PLAY…Elisha Dorfsmith joins Jeff and Chaz to explain WHY THE DEMOCRATS KEEP
LOSING.  Spoiler alert, “Main street America is not buying their far left agenda”

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2 thoughts on ““Property Tax Fairness Law” Explained on Todays Jeff Oravits Show

    1. You are against any town, city or county being required to go to the voters before raising property taxes? Right now a council or board can simply raise your taxes with a simple majority vote. Why not require they go to the voters?

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