Property Tax Voter Approval Law SUPPORT GROWS! Sen. Smith Latest Supporter

ANY property tax increase must go to the voters for approval.

Senator Steve Smith added his support and joined the show.  LISTEN HERE.

Add your name to the list of supporters and lets stop what has become an “automatic” tax increase and easy way for politicians to squeeze more money out of the hard working people of Arizona.

Jeff Oravits
Representative Bob Thorpe (AZ House Sponsor)
Senator Sylvia Allen (AZ Senate Sponsor)
Senator Steve Smith (AZ Senate Supporter, Maricopa)

Representative David Livinston, (AZ House Supporter, Peoria)
Chaz (The Jeff Oravits Show)
Elisha Dorfsmith (Flagstaff Liberty Alliance Member)
Diane Wickberg (Flagstaff)
Pam Anderson (Flagstaff)
Preston (55year resident Flagstaff)
Sharon Kennick (Flagstaff)
Lori Barlow (Flagstaff)
Danny Thomas (Flagstaff)
Jan Ruff (Flagstaff)
Deidre Craig (Flagstaff)
David M. Monihan Jr. (Flagstaff)
Jacquie Kellogg (Flagstaff)
Tom Jenney (Dir. Am. For Prosperity AZ., Phoenix)
Josh Collier (Flagstaff)
Angela Oravits (Flagstaff)
Mark Hubbard (Flagstaff)
Patricia Ray (Flagstaff)
David Ray (Flagstaff)
Lorri Hull (Flagstaff)
Dylan Barry (Flagstaff)
Bob Kops (Sedona)
Michael Cunningham (Flagstaff)
Jess W. Payne (Flagstaff)
Nicole Cumbie
Richard Mihalik, Flagstaff
Karen Bradford, Flagstaff
Arnette Rehm, Flagstaff
Stephanie Monroe, Flagstaff
Tracy Livinston, Peoria
Nancy Cottle, Mesa
Kelli Ward, Lake Havasu
Barbara Arnold, Flagstaff
Norma Ross, Flagstaff
Joan Harris, Flagstaff
Ann Booth, Munds Park
Judy Sall, Flagstaff
Bruce Sall, Flagstaff
Jonathan Williams, Maricopa
M K Manning, Flagstaff
Merle Henderson, Flagstaff
Karen Henderson, Flagstaff
Gaylord Stavely, Flagstaff
Joy Stavely, Flagstaff
Susan Mihalik, Flagstaff
Gary Pisardo, Flagstaff
Janine Cook, Cottonwood
Joyce Cariscoe, Flagstaff
Les Sawdy, Mesa
Sherline Alexander, Flagstaff
Jean Furguson, Flagstaff
Emnold Prickett, Flagstaff
Vieldie Parks, Flagstaff
Timothy J, Waddell
Richard S, Flagstaff
Maral Moffitt, Clarkdale
Trudy Wieber, Flagstaff
Robin Prema, Flagstaff
Kathe Gilbert, Flagstaff
John Chadwick, Flagstaff
Bruce Huson, Phoenix

Tune in to the Jeff Oravits Show today at 3PM on 97.1 the Big Talker to hear from the latest supporter, Senator Steve Smith.  

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