Progressive Leftist Policies Rejected, GOP, Don’t Blow It!

Recently a caller chimed in on my claims that mainstream America has wholly rejected the leftist progressive politics and policies of Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and the leftists, and have given a mandate to President Trump and a majority of state legislatures. It may be hard for some living their lives in liberal bubbles to see and understand that America has screamed out and spoken clearly that they want a new direction for our nation.  And despite Hollywoods childish and often times crazy response to President Trump winning the 2016 election, the media’s incessant whining and social media vitriol by far too many on the left, the progressive agenda has been rejected by the majority of Americans outside liberal cities, coastal areas and Americas college towns.  It’s time for the progressives to realize that the majority of Americans do not want to go down the road they have been leading us for decades.

Here are some articles that point out the devastating loss the Democrats and leftist progressives have faced recently.  And keep in mind, they’ve lost every special congressional election since Trump became president.

County Election Results 2016 Presidential Election
Counties that went red in 2016 and the mandate main stream America is demanding.  This article articulates some of what I was referring to.

Dems Hit New Lows in State Legislatures
Another article from the Hill talks about GOP control of state legislatures and governorships.

Even the Liberal Daily KOS Points This Out

As discussed frequently on the Jeff Oravits Show, the GOP needs to take note and take action.  On top of being given the levers of power in the majority of states, they also now control the house, senate and presidency.  Don’t blow it!  The American people have spoken and demand progress on some key issues, issues that President Trump won the presidency on.  If the Republicans cannot follow through on their promises of repealing Obama Care, tax reform, a responsible budget and a border wall, they will be the ones losing seats next election.  And those seats will not be lost because of the Democrats “great ideas”, rather, they will be by the inaction of the Republicans and the American majority rejecting their ineptness.

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