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Open Space & More Today @3PM w. SCOTT OVERTON filling in on The Jeff Oravits Show

Tune in to the Jeff Oravits Show today at 3PM on 97.1FM the Big Talker.  Flagstaff City Councilman Scott Overton is guest hosting for Jeff today.  This will be after Overton’s attendance at the Flagstaff City Council’s 10AM special meeting on land that was proposed to be used for affordable housing out on 180 heading towards Snow Bowl.  How’d the meeting go?  Tune in to find out this and more.

Tune in to the Jeff Oravits Show Monday-Friday at 3PM.
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  1. Location of affordable housing bad as traffic on Hwy. 180 already is overloaded with Grand Canyon usage and the Snow Bowl fiasco as to traffic. This City Council really has Bad Judgement. They continue to ignore reality of the damage they are causing, but then hey, I am just a Flagstaff citizen that is one of many which the City Council ignores.

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