Sen. Flake Today @3PM

Senator Jeff Flake returns to the Jeff Oravits Show today at 3PM on 97.1FM the Big Talker.  Streaming at

Obamacare, tax reform, N. Korea, his comments regarding President Donald Trump and more.

Have any questions or comments?  Post them in the comments section and we may read them on todays show.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday 3-4PM on 97.1 The Big Talker
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2 thoughts on “Sen. Flake Today @3PM

  1. Ask the Sentor if he has ACA if not why not then ask him why the Congress is exempt
    Ask him why they (Congress) don’t have to follow the laws they pass for everyone else
    The last question you make 165k a year and when you leave the Senate you have millions would like to know how they do it

  2. question for Senator Flake: The public betrayal by Obama giving congressmen, Senators & their staff exemptions (subsidies) on their Obama care is another travesty and statist privilege that the sovereign citizens who pay for all this don’t enjoy …… What exactly is your position, will you stand up and do the right thing and vote to no longer exempt you and your colleagues from this “privileged” position?

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