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BREAKING: Court Sides With Elevate FLG on Wage Issue

The attempt to stop Elevate Flagstaff’s Sustainable Wages Act from going to the voters has been dismissed by Coconino County Superior Court. According to court documents attained by the Jeff Oravits Show, Joe Bader, husband of Flagstaff City Councilwoman Eva Putzova, “challenged the petitions gathered” and “the validity of the initiative.”

Flagstaff voters passed Prop 414 in November of 2016 which would eventually raise the minimum wage in Flagstaff to $15.00 per hour. Shortly after Prop 414’s passage, Elevate Flagstaff was formed to amend the law, slow down the wage increase and cap it at $12.50 per hour.  Elevate Flagstaff gathered 5,865 signatures to place the controversial minimum wage issue back on the ballot.

Bader’s lawsuit attempted to dismiss those signatures and would have eliminated the opportunity of Flagstaff voters to reconsider the law.

“A frivolous lawsuit has been dismissed and the attempt by Bader to silence thousands of Flagstaff residents has been stopped. Our efforts and the judges decision ensures the people of Flagstaff will get to decide on his important issue.”
Stuart McDaniel

Stuart McDaniel will be on the Jeff Oravits Show at 3PM, Monday on 97.1FM the Big Talker to discuss.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday 3-4PM on 97.1 The Big Talker

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