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POLL of the WEEK. Sheriff Joe Pardon

We’ll discuss Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Pardon on the Jeff Oravits Show Monday at 3PM. 97.1FM the Big Talker.

Plus George Khalaf of joins us to discuss some very interesting Arizona POLLING.

AND Chaz chimes in on the big fight this past weekend, the NFL and the Cardinals.

ALSO…your comments by text or phone 877-971-3971.


  1. Congressman Justin Amash summed it up well in this tweet:

    “Arpaio was convicted of defying court order to stop violating #4thAmendment. It’s a pardon of a govt official who ignored Bill of Rights.”

  2. Please ask somebody which particular laws Arpaio is said to have broken. I thought he was applying the law. An activist judge cannot rule on codified law or supplant and override the legislative process.

    Janie Cook

  3. I’m glad President Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe. I think he was being targeted by the Obama administration and was not even judged by a jury. Unfortunately our country is all about politics on both sides. So if one is going to play games, the other side has too also. Nancy Ross

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