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Omar Navarro on Jeff Oravits Show

His page is at

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  1. On Sheriff Joe… There never should of been this case. He loves and respects the Constitution of the United States and he is going to up hold it! To protect the American people! “BAMBAM” did what he could to destroy the USA along with The Clintons. The warriors of ANTIFA are contracted fighters of this conglomerate. they have the power to destroy the Constitution and they are fighting hard at it. How much longer are we going to watch this happen? Am I safe to drive my car anywhere with TRUMP/PENCE stickers on it? People give me thumbs up, some see me at food drives, some see me at the DRS office,some see me at the vets office and some see me driving on the highway and give me THUMBS UP! So… should I be scared? wondering if I have to defend myself? Also… THANK YOU DR. KELLI WARD

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