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Omar Navarro Interview: He’s Challenging Maxine Waters!__Jeff Oravits Show

Omar Navarro talks with Jeff Oravits about California’s 43rd Congressional District.  He’s challenging entrenched incumbent Democrat Maxine Waters.  

Here’s just a little bit of what Omar Navarro had to say:

“Last time I had an event they labeled my event a KKK rally…They showed up thinking we were wearing these Klan regalia…My two speakers that opened up they were both African Americans, African American females…someone of Asian descent, someones white, myself, Hispanic, very diverse crowd of people.”  Omar Navarro

“So when people were walking by saying oh this is a KKK rally,  they saw the diversity there…people were upset because they were lead to believe that it was a KKK rally and it wasn’t so…they try to divide people.”  Omar Navarro

“You know what happened that night (at his event)…20 people re-registered Republican that night, that were Democrats…they were upset that they would label a Latino in the community a white supremacist.”  Omar Navarro

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday 3-4PM on 97.1 The Big Talker
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