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DACA Beneficiaries By State_Flagstaff Resolution Coming

Elisha Dorfsmith discusses with Jeff Oravits the number of people per state that DACA applies to. Plus, as predicted, the Flagstaff City Council to pursue a resolution opposing President Trumps rescinding of DACA and support a fast Congressional fix.

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  1. Another Resolution by the Flagstaff City Council; Sorry, another Resolution that I as a Flagstaff Citizen can not support, just as I can not support the Carbon Tax Resolution they sent to Congress. Funny how the City Council pays more attention to Illegal Immigrants than they do to their own citizens. Thank you Democrats and RINOS for not upholding the Immigration Laws of the Land which brought about all these problems as well as costing us, the U.S. taxpayer, more in taxes with all the programs that have been created to handle the influx. This has nothing to do with race or any specific country the Illegal Immigrants come from, this has to do with what is right in Upholding the Laws of our Land, otherwise chaos happens and the DACA that Obama created is a Great Example. Congress has been as much at fault because they did Nothing when Obama made his own laws which were illegal in the first place It would truly be a very nice change if the Flagstaff City Council stuck to the business of running the infrastructure of Flagstaff which they were hired to do than with all the Resolutions they can come up with Without even Consulting the Citizens of whom they represent; they only consult Their Special Interest Groups. Many of us are getting pretty tired of the garbage they come up with. Hopefully we will see changes come election time.

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