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ODEGAARD: DACA TOP Council Priority, Encourages quick action and “path to citizenship”

Flagstaff City Council member Charlie Odegaard introduced a resolution on September 5th to encourage Congress to act on DACA. In near record time, his resolution moved to the top of the heap at the September 12th Flagstaff City Council Meeting, bypassing normal procedures and taking priority over nearly all other city business.

According to Elisha Dorfsmith, who follows the Flagstaff City Council Meetings, and is a regular contributor on the Jeff Oravits Show,

“Odegaard wants DACA recipients to have a quick path to citizenship.”  &

Odegaard wants the resolution to really “light the fire in Washington DC telling them to act.”

Also according to Dorfsmith, Councilmember Eva Putzova, the architect of Flagstaffs $15 minimum wage,

…wants a new DACA resolution urging the president to reevaluate his stance on repealing Obama’s executive order.

And according to Dorfsmith’s tweets, Mayor Coral Evans added this,

“hey, put DACA on the forefront at the Federal level.”

We will be discussing this issue today at 3PM on the Jeff Oravits Show. If you’d like your comments included on todays program, comment here or call/text 877-971-3971. Top priority for phone calls today.

Also on todays program, Corporation Commissioner Any Tobin.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday 3-4PM on 97.1 The Big Talker
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  1. Why is DACA so important to the city of Flagstaff?
    Could it be the fact that councilman Odegaard has dreamers working for him?
    It is sad that they care more about the DACA than the Vets on the street corner.
    Why don’t the city council address that issue?
    What part of breaking the law they don’t get?They came here with their folks who broke the law to be here
    Guilty by association
    You see if I am with a group that breaks the law I am as guilty as if I did it

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