Elisha Dorfsmith Addresses FLG Vice Mayor Whelan’s “Fair Game” Comment

Elisha Dorfsmith Addresses FLG Vice Mayor Whelan’s “Fair Game” Comment

Regular contributor
, Flagstaff Liberty Alliance founding member and publisher of Flag Indie Press Elisha Dorfsmith returns to the Jeff Oravits Show to address recent comments by Vice Mayor Jamie Whelan regarding who’s “fair game” when it comes to politics. Jeff and Elisha also address the nastiness on social media and a double standard when it comes to politics.

“she (Whelan) uses that quote that says, ‘When you attack the Mayor you attack all of us’, and taken to its logical conclusion, I’d say when you attack the President do you attack all of us?”

“and then that opens up a whole new layer, where you have Council attacking the President from the diaz, going to rallies where all the signs have some pretty vicious attacks on the President, their social media attacks the President, so it comes down to, is there a double standard, does one side get to criticize and the other don’t?”
Elisha Dorfsmith

“I have invited members of the Flagstaff City Council…a lot of them are harder for me to get then Congressmen, Senators & Attorney Generals etc., etc., you know the folks that come on this program, there hard to get…”

“I have invited her (Whelan) multiple times to come on the program, I would like some clarity on the comments…she’s welcome to come on, she’s welcome to call in now, she’s welcome to show up right now…you’re welcome to come on the show.”
Jeff Oravits

at 3PM: Jerry Nabours and Matty the Repo Man will be on the Jeff Oravits Show to discuss your money used for road art, lawsuits, NFL and more.
Wednesday at 3PM: Elisha Dorfsmith returns to the program.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday 3-4PM on 97.1 The Big Talker
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