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The Frankie Madrid Story. Monday at 3PM

We’ll discuss the FRANKIE MADRID STORY tomorrow at 3PM on the Jeff Oravits Show. Thoughts?
From the Daily Sun’s article
‘Did Frankie Madrid have to die?’
“An undocumented community activist, convicted drug felon and longtime Flagstaff resident has taken his own life less than two months after being deported to Mexico.” AZ Daily Sun
“The cruel immigration laws of this country killed him.” FLG Councilmember Eva Putzova
“If you come to this country illegally and you commit a felony you shouldn’t be welcome,” said local political activist Rob Wilson.

‘Others, such as former city Councilman Jeff Oravits, expressed sympathy over those affected by the opioid epidemic, but said “We are a nation with immigration laws and drugs laws,” and that undocumented individuals who break the law have to face consequences.’

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