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Oravits/Dorfsmith Discuss FLG Vice Mayor Whelan’s Gun Control Post

In this segment, Elisha Dorfsmith reads a post the Vice Mayor of Flagstaff, Jamie Whelan, shared on Facebook with regard to gun control.

Here’s what she shared…
Plus a listener chimes in with the real reason for the 2nd Amendment.

Take a listen.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday 3-4PM on 97.1 The Big Talker


  1. I demand an end to the type of thinking that would lead a person to agree with or think that any one of those laws is ok or moving forward in any way.

  2. We already have enough gun control laws on the books. Vice Mayor Whelan is an alarmist as well as all those who wish to take control of All guns. If the Vice Mayor can take the guns and knives and box cutters as well as any potential weapon, which includes bombs made out of soda cans, kitchen appliances to name a couple, from the hands of criminals as well as terrorist, then I would go along with her but since she can not nor can anyone else, ask London, the U.K. as well as any other country that bans guns how they are doing….not so well. So Ms. Whelan, with all due respect, you are indeed an alarmist who dwells on emotional and not common sense.

  3. And another, are you, Ms. Whelan, wanting to ban or make it harder to own a truck or sedan or any moving transportation because criminals and terrorist use them too. The rhetoric of those who think they have the power to control other people’s lives as well as other people’s dollars seems to be the make-up of our City Council. You along with the Rest of the City Council were elected to mind City business, not Our private lives.

  4. Automobile insurance is NOT required, only one of a number of ways of showing “financial responsibility”. Amazing when the Vice Mayor does not even know the AZ State law. ARS 28-4076. Alternate methods of proof

  5. Jamie Whelan has a continuing problem of upholding the Constitution she swore to protect, and she’s not alone on this council in like behaviour. We the People can actually DEMAND that they do, or to get out.

  6. Prior to the 1968 Gun Control Act, guns were sold by hardware stores, Sears Roebuck, Wards, etc. No license was necessary. Even S&H Green Stamps could be exchanged for a gun. Ads for the sale of guns by private parties were common every weekend in newspapers classified sections. The government sold surplus military weapons via the Director of Civilian Marksmanship including M1s, M1 Carbines, and colt 45 semiauto handguns. Teenagers could buy guns with no permission required, including handguns. I frequently went to high school with a gun in my car so I cold leave right after school to go rabbit hunting. Guns were MUCH more readily available than now.

    So what has changed? Mental illness was de-stigmatized. From Wikipedia in the article on “Involuntary Commitment” is the possible answer. ” Starting in the 1960s, there has been a worldwide trend toward moving psychiatric patients from hospital settings to less restricting settings in the community, a shift known as “deinstitutionalization”. Because the shift was typically not accompanied by a commensurate development of community-based services, critics say that deinstitutionalization has led to large numbers of people who would once have been inpatients as instead being incarcerated or becoming homeless.”

    So, is it the fault of “easily available guns” or is it truly a mental illness problem? In the late 1960s gun control became much more strict, treatment of mental illness was relaxed. Coincidence?

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