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NAU Pushes Politically Correct Halloween Costumes

File this one under the heading of “are you serious NAU”?  The inclusivity police are out in full force this Halloween at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. Beware, if you wear certain costumes, you may be offending someone and NAU wants to make sure they properly guide you towards a politically correct alternative.

Posters have been popping up around NAU guiding students as to what costumes are appropriate.

According to NAU’s website, “During the month of October, Housing and Residence Life coordinates a poster campaign to address cultural appropriation and the celebration of Halloween.”

On a recent Jeff Oravits Show the topic of the cost of college education was discussed and the spiraling college debt bubble. Well there you have it! Students going thousands and thousands of dollars into debt to fund initiatives like this. One has to ask, is this really money well spent?

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  1. I’m no longer proud that I’m an NAU grad and stopped donating well over a decade ago. It’s a shame that NAU and almost all other ‘higher education’ institutions now support and promote the marxist ideologies that will be this constitutional republic’s downfall – Nikita K was correct in his pronouncement regarding America’s future.

  2. NAU, like the Flagstaff City Council, feels it is their duty to educate and inform its citizens what is or is not appropriate as well as what is the correct ideology. Guess little by little we will all get to benefit from the Great Wisdom these entities push as various occasions, events, holidays, etc. as they arrive. Why anyone would allow NAU or any other to direct, tell what costume is appropriate for them to select to wear on Halloween is beyond me. Halloween for most people who participate is to be a fun time, now we have Political Correctness to contend with. The “Progressives” sure know how to kill an event. But there are an awfully lot of foolish, ignorant people who I guess just can’t think for themselves nor live their lives unless they have someone or some institution to tell them what to do or how to live.

  3. The four characters on the NAU poster seem to hold images of their own ethnicity, but those pictures also seem to be of the opposite sex from theirs. Promoting cross-dressing too, while at it? Go Mark Brnovich, audit the schools.

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