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Senator Allen_Local Control, Republic vs. Democracy

Senator Sylvia Allen returned to the Jeff Oravits Show to discuss recent actions by certain City Councils. Jeff and Sen. Allen also discuss local control and legislative authority and a republic vs. a democracy.

And don’t forget, the Jeff Oravits Show moves to 4PM on Monday, November 6th on 97.1FM and streaming at

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  1. Senator Sylvia Allen is absolutely spot on as to Our Republic vs. Democracy definition. Our U.S. of a Republic. This history lesson, definition-was it heard by the Flagstaff City Council? Or did they turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what Senator Allen was saying? The Flagstaff City Council got an Ear-full of what a City Council duty is, but did they listen, did they understand or are they still going to continue to push their agenda/resolutions down the throats of Flagstaff citizens? This City Council is wasteful with the tax monies Flagstaff citizens have paid in property/personal property/fees and Sale Taxes have and continue to pay. Just like the Obama Administration speeding 11 trillion dollars in 8 years with Nothing to show for it/ The money for Climate change of 93 hundred thousand dollars for consultation only, could have gone to pay for city programs-but instead one consultation company is paid that money….so easy to spend other people’s money. Our city streets in various parts of the city are needing replacement roads not the tar and feathers used year after year just to keep them drivable=filling and refilling pot holes. New water lines being replaced, what does that cost…yet again chose to pay close to l Million dollars on One consultation firm. They spend valuable time with resolutions that go to Washington to go down the drain. And yet the traffic problems do not go away, nor the parking problems, they just figure more tax money and parking meters solve everything.

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