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BBB Tax Too High?

Listeners have been commenting on the strange light display in Flagstaff on the corner of 4th Street and Route 66. First the horrible road ads in downtown Flagstaff and now this. Is the BBB tax being collected too high?


  1. Yes, BBB tax is too high because the money that it generates is being wasted. For 18 thousand dollars the Lights should all spread all over Flagstaff, not just that one little area. This is suppose to celebrate Christmas? For 18 thousand dollars they could decorate downtown as well as East Flagataff. I really question not only the BBB Tax committee but the Flagstaff City Council on how they are spending tax payers money. We citizens are just getting ripped off.

  2. The BBB tax was passed by voter in 1988 with a sunset after 10. In 1996 the voters renewed for another 15 years. Then in 2010 it was renewed until 2028. The allocation was changed in 1996 by ordinance and remains the same today. I think the 20% portion that Beautification gets should be reduced and allocated to Parks & Recreation so the silly 1/8 cent proposed sales tax increase will fail. Also, the BBB should not be on Board and Beverages, just on Beds like nearly every other city. This way, you only punish the tourists and not the locals. I fear the City is just wasting a lot of these funds.

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