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Self Identification, Weird Lights In FLG, 10% Tax Rate

John Kistler joined Jeff to discuss several issues:

A new tax plan. What do our listeners think the tax rate should be?

A white man in Tampa identifies as Filipino. Has self identification gone too far?

Strange lights in East Flagstaff. What the heck is this? Public art? UFO? Mutated Christmas lights? Or abstract art self identifying as a Christmas Tree?



  1. Those expense lights on 4th street, that they say is art. Reminds me of the colorful port-a-potties that was at the intersection of route 66 and Postal Blvd. This was also called art and it was probable 10 or more years ago. Unfortunately those were up for years and were also very expensive. I wish our city was like an average business that spend money on things we really need, instead of personal taste and waste!

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