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Flagstaff Councilman Scott Overton

Flagstaff City Councilman Scott Overton returns to the Jeff Oravits Show. Want to know what’s going on in Flagstaff and the surrounding areas, take a listen.

We touched on:
• Is there a city role in affordable housing?
• Is the Grand Canyon entrance fee going up to $70? What can be done?
• A caller asks if there should be a reservation system to get into the park?
• Why is the Flagstaff City Council doing so many resolutions? From asking Congress to enact a carbon tax, to asking them to ban the transport of uranium in NAZ.
• Pay to park downtown. Is it working? A caller calls in with concerns about using a credit card to pay for parking. Is it a secure transaction?
• Strange lights on the corner of 4th Street and Rt. 66. What is this thing? And how in the world did it cost $18,000.

The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday through Friday at 4PM on 97.1FM, the Big Talker.

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