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Stuart McDaniel Announces LD6 Run on the Jeff Oravits Show

Stuart McDaniel returned to the Jeff Oravits Show today to announce his run for Arizona’s Legislative District 6. He’s running as a Republican to fill term limited Brenda Barton’s seat. He has already received endorsements from current LD6 Rep. Bob Thorpe, Brenda Barton and a host of other statewide elected officials.

We discuss many topics including the size of LD6, taxes, minimum wage, infrastructure and much more.

Take a listen!

The Jeff Oravits airs Monday – Friday at 4PM on 97.1FM and

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  1. You asked what politician we are most pleased with and I would say Trump. I was not too sure of him when he was running and voted for him just because the alternative would have been horrible. But I have to admit that I was so wrong about him and he has done an awesome job. It is so refreshing to see someone running our country who actually loves our country. Who I’m most displeased with is John McCain and our liberal city council and mayor. But i’m not surprised with all of the crazy things they are trying do or have actually pushed through. Except for Charlie Odegaard who has been very disappointing. Just hope the people here in Flagstaff wake up, before they destroy our city with their liberal agenda. I love your program and how you keep us informed on all that is going on here in our city, state and country. Thank you…..

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