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FLG Council Resolutions: Impeach Trump & Oppose Wall

IMG_9269On Tuesday, January 2nd, two big things are happening. The Jeff Oravits Show is back live at 4pm on 97.1FM, the Big Talker. Plus the Flagstaff City Council meets at 6pm and they’re starting off right where they left off in 2017, with useless, time consuming resolutions. In fact, Councilmember Putzova and Mayor Evans are stepping up their game and drifting further down the road of leftist nonsense.

This time they’re voting on a resolution opposing President Trumps border wall. And they’ll also be considering a resolution supporting the impeachment of Trump.

Also LD6 candidate and the person who spearheaded the repeal of Flagstaffs $15 minimum wage, Stuart McDaniel returns to the program.

All this plus your comments.

Its gonna be a big year on the Jeff Oravits Show. See you in 2018!


    • Ann,
      I did spearhead the repeal effort known as he Sustainable Wages Act and led the citizens initiative effort to place it on the November ‘18 ballot. I also defeated out of town Labor Union interests and money led by Eva Putzova’s husband in Superior Court to protect the will of the people and their ability to decide.

  1. Millions of American Citizens and Legal/Documented Immigrants want the Wall built at our Southern Borders between the U.S. and Mexico. That Wall will help to slow illegal/undocumented immigrants from All Over the World, not just Latin America. The Wall will help to slow, if not stop, the Illegal Drug and Human Traffic across our Borders; will help to slow or stave off Terrorism from other countries. And last, but not least, the Wall will help to stabilize the Infrastructure of our Nation. We have the Right as well as the Duty to Keep the United States of America a Soverign Nation. Mayor Evans and Eva Putzova are showing just how Marxism , which is Socialism, infiltrates and destroys within. They concern is to raise taxes, to bleed this city dry at the same time wasting Taxpayer monies. Property Taxes, Fees, Rates all increased to pay for what…Storm Water rates up to 2.56 this year and rise for the next 3 years but does not go back down to 1.47 2017 rate but at 2.56….until it all increases again and for what? How long will Flagstaff residence pay for Storm Water? To pay 93 hundred Thousand plus for One consultation firm on Climate problems (nearly a million dollars) for what? To Waste 28 thousand plus on the city downtown cross walks ‘advertising Flagstaff’ and on a light display to add to what? I listened to the consultants as to
    the traffic problem Milton Road, 180 to Snow Bowl. What a waste because widening Milton or 180 just brings more conjestion, period. The State (ADOT) needs to build a road to by-pass Flagstaff as that is the only way traffic congestion will be solved.
    As to impeachment of our President-Donald J. Trump; He has Millions of Supporters as he loves this country and Puts America First in All things…which apparently Marxist hate; as well as there is No Grounds for Impeachment; if anything Obama should have been impeached , the then SoS Hillary Clinton, and Obama Administration for the Uranium/Russia scandal. Major Evans and Eva Putzova are abusing their positions with the various Reslolutions they continue to bring to the City Council -they are airing their Political Agendas; They Do Not Represent me nor the majority of Flagstaff. We frankly are tired of this ‘resolution’ nonsense.

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