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Senator Sylvia Allen: Minimum Wage Re-Do?

Senator Sylvia Allen talks about her push to change AZ’s minimum wage law including examples of businesses struggling because of the higher wages enacted last year.

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  1. Senator Sylvia Allen has Common Sense which unfortunately our City Council has not. If one will notice when the City Council put the minimum wage on the ballot they did no one a favor, much less for unexperience wage earner as one is not going to pay or be able to pay not only for higher wages for a beginner but for ‘sick’ pay too. But even for those who are getting a higher minimum wage, you have the delightful experience to pay higher sales tax , fees and rates, not to mention higher Property Tax which you pay even if renting a apartment or Lot as that cost is passed on to the consumer which everyone of us are. So where did that raise go to? It went to the City to pay for their projects which we really have no say in. They, the City Council, spent almost a million dollars on one consultation business which if they take the advise costs us the Tax Payer even more. That consultation business has to do with Climate Change which the Citizens of Flagstaff had no say as some are concerned and some Know Climate Change has been going on since God created it centuries ago. Our water utilities keep going up as well as Customer Service, and recenty a new tax? or fee? or rate? for Energy(what is that for-no explanation and it seems to increase monthly) on our Utilities which began this year of 2018,with the rise of storm water cost for This year is now $1.56monthly. With the rise of property tax at 7% for the next two years ..where did that minimum wage hike go to….it now ceases to exist because the City Council of Flagstaff is bleeding us dry. So when election time comes, give some thought to who you vote for because Socialist motto must be ‘just Tax and Spend’ which are on our City Council…is that what you want, is that what you voted for, I don’t think so. We need common sense people who spend the Tax monies responsibly. So good luck to Senator Sylvia Allen.

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