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Congressman Paul Gosar Talks with Jeff Oravits…2nd Amendment, FUSD Letter, Gun Free Zones & More

Congressman Paul Gosar returns to the Jeff Oravits Show and talks with Jeff about…

Gun Free Zones
Dicks and Walmart, 21 Purchase Age
FUSD and Student Walkouts
Congress Should Not Act
& a lot more…TAKE A LISTEN

“it’s government that failed the situation over and over again”

“It seems to me that what the school district is doing is coercing their idea on everybody else.  That’s not free speech!  That’s not free speech! When the school district decides what everybody else is going to advocate for.  Wrong answer FUSD!  Wrong answer across the school district.”

On Monday the Jeff Oravits Show moves to two hours and Superintendent Penca of Flagstaff Unified School District is his guest. Tuesdays guest, AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas.

Tune in to 97.1FM the Big Talker from 3-5PM. Streaming at

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