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Flagstaff 7th Graders Taught Gender Identity

According to a Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) parent, his son and other 12 year olds, were recently taught “gender identity and sexuality” and about “60 something sexualities”.

Dennis, a parent of an FUSD student, said he found out this was taught to his son in middle school after the fact.  “My son ends up bringing up, he mentions there’s 60 something sexualities and we were like, what the heck are you talking about?”  He went on to say, “I was just absolutely shocked and pretty outraged about what they were teaching them.”

Course curriculum obtained by Flagstaff Voices included a handout entitled “Universe Model of Gender”, informing these 7th graders that “Men and women aren’t two opposite ends of a spectrum, with everyone else’s gender defined in between and dependent on that binary. They are just two of the many genders that exist in our amazing world.” This handout also informs 12 year olds that there are “as many named and unnamed genders as there are people and includes genderqueer, non-binary, pangender, androgyne, neutrois, gender-variant, AG, cyborg, two-spirit, glitterbutch, genderfluid, trigender, stud, agender, genderless.”


Another handout named “the Genderbread Person” is described as a “tasty little guide meant to be an appetizer for gender understanding” while describing that “gender isn’t binary” and goes on to describe gender identity, gender expression and biological sex.

The course was taught in mid March by instructors from Northern Arizona Help Center utilizing the literature in the 7th grade language arts class at Mount Elden Middle School.

According to Northern Arizona Help Center, the Positive Youths Connection Program has been taught in multiple schools and its curriculum can be tailored with parent requests, deleting or adding material as deemed appropriate. The Help Center is pushing to get into other schools including Northland Prep and area elementary schools.

According to Dennis, a parent of one of the 7th graders who was interviewed on the Jeff Oravits Show, children spent multiple days during school hours on what he said is “something you’d expect in college if you take a sexuality course, not something that you would find in seventh grade“.

A copy of the permission slip that was sent home to middle school parents has been provided to the show by FUSD administrators.  MEMs parent, Dennis,  acknowledges signing the permission slip but says he was not aware that gender identity or sex education was going to be a topic and going on to say that “otherwise I wouldn’t have signed it”. The only mention in the permission slip regarding gender identification was that “gender socialization” may be addressed. Sex education was not mentioned however “sexual and relationship violence” and “sexual harassment vs. flirting” was mentioned.

Similar materials were used last year in a New York School in which the teacher was suspended.

Both FUSD and Northern Arizona Help Center have declined repeated requests to be interviewed on the Jeff Oravits Show.

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  1. And teachers want more money to spread this kind of crap! This is how our tax dollars are being spent! This is outrageous. It would be nice if these 12 year olds could read and do basic math!!

  2. How sad that they actually think this okay to be teaching our children and grand children. Could you even imagine how upset many would be if a teacher taught Christianity in the school??? Even though I feel if our country went back to the basics and actually had some morals we wouldn’t see near the shootings that we see in the schools. Lets go back to the basics and teach what our kids need to know…………like reading, math, history and etc.

  3. absurd, pure brainwashing, how many adults reading this have heard if even a third of the genders mentioned, I find this very threatening.

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