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GENDER BREAD PERSON Material Displayed In 6th Grade MEMs Class

The controversial Gender Bread material reappeared in Flagstaff’s Mount Elden Middle School (MEMs) this week. This time it was prominently displayed on the teachers desk in her 6th grade elementary school classroom.


Jessica is a parent of a 6th grader at MEMs and provided pictures of this and other material to the Jeff Oravits Show. She called into the show on Thursday and was outraged that these handouts were being used in her sons classroom without her permission.

She also stated that a MEMs teacher told the class that they would “no longer use the word boy’s or girls” in addressing students.

Also on display in the classroom was other material from the website including a handout titled When It’s Okay To Use The Word Gay.


FUSD has confirmed to the Jeff Oravits Show that the Gender Bread Person material and the When It’s OK To Use The Word Gay handout, “have been taken down and will not be put back up”.  They also confirmed that the school has met with the parent twice to discuss this issue.


More on this today in the 4 o’ clock hour on the Jeff Oravits Show on 97.1FM and streaming at

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  1. And teachrs want a 20% raise; considering the lack of true education for Decades along with this display of utter nonsense I don’t think they deserve a raise, certainly not 20%. All my working life through scores of the economy’s ups and downs never, never have I seen such gall, not only the 20% but the idiotic, stupidity of some teachers, this really takes the cake. Sorry but this is wrong, that teacher is wrong for doing what she is doing and the School Board needs to shut this nonsense down. But considering School Boards it would not surprise me if they thought it was okay,just as the City Council thinks it is okay for Open Boarders.

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