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BREAKING: Rep. Barton Challenging Sen. Allen For GOP Nomination

You heard it FIRST on the Jeff Oravits Show yesterday, LD6 Representative Brenda Barton(R) is expected to file paper work to challenge LD6 Senator Sylvia Allen(R). Assuming all candidates get their signatures, this creates a primary challenge in the LD6 Senate race. There will also be a primary for the LD6 Republican House race between incumbent Representative Bob Thorpe, Walter Blackman and Stuart McDaniel.

Stuart McDaniel and Representative Brenda Barton will be on the Jeff Oravits Show today in the 4 o’clock hour on 97.1FM the Big Talker.

Also today, Loretta Hunnicutt of the Arizona Daily Independent has an update on the Flagstaff unified School District gender education controversy PLUS your comments and calls at 877-971-3971.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday from 3PM-5PM on 97.1FM and streams at

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  1. Very liberal City Council, very liberal school board, very liberal Superindendant. Liberals plan is to start at “ground roots” to change our Country to their values. It is working in Flagstaff.

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