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Rep. Brenda Barton: Teacher Pay, School Safety, Senate Race

Representative Brenda Barton (LD6) talks with Jeff about teacher pay, Governor Ducey’s 20% pay increase proposal and the responsibility of the local school boards.  Also discussed is Prop 123 and Rep. Barton mentions that “50% of the school districts did not pass that money on to teacher pay.”

Representative Brenda Barton also discusses why she is challenging fellow Republican and her seat mate Senator Sylvia Allen.

“The Legislature has no responsibility or authority over teacher pay…it all comes through your district…your local school board is in total control of all the monies that are allocated to them.”

“So if you have some problems with the expenses or some of the things that are happening in your school district, you need to go right to your school board who are elected and they should be listening to the parents and the tax payers of that school board district.”

Representative Brenda Barton

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