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Thursday Jeff Oravits Show; Sen. Allen, Data Orbital, Teacher Strikes

During the 4 o’clock portion of the Jeff Oravits Show, Jeff talked with Chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee, Senator Sylvia Allen.

“I’m not blinking! I’m sticking to the budget we’re working on right now, the 20% raise and the other $100,000,000 for additional assistance, that’s what I’m sticking to, that is what education is going to get out of this budget. I believe that public sentiment is going to turn on this walkout.”
                  Senator Sylvia Allen

Also on the show, George Khalaf of returns to the program to discuss the CD8 elections, what it means for Arizona and also polling data and thoughts on the #RedForEd movement.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday from 3PM-5PM and Sundays at 8:30AM on 97.1FM and streams at

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  1. I do think teachers need a raise, but I wish it was given on performance and not 20% across the board. Also I think Red for Ed is just a political game to stir up teachers. I don’t think they actually care about our students or the teachers. Because if they did care about them, they would be cheering on what the Governor is offering them. But NO, they are going to strike on the Capital again…… I just hope this shows the public for the fraud they are!

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