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Jerry Nabours & Jeff Talk Housing, Nutria’s and more.

Busy program on Monday, May 22, 2018

Was it a Nutria, a capybara, a water rat?  What did Jeff see in Mexico?

Sales tax increases? A property tax increase to pay for other peoples housing?

Jeff talks cell free zones and the worker that couldn’t stop checking her phone.  Robots coming soon? And seriously, take some cash when you travel!

Jeff and Jerry discuss the Flagstaff City Council and their potential new role in housing.

Jeff talks the hit in the Republic on Congressman Paul Gosar!

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday – Friday from 3-5PM on 97.1FM


  1. Great shows Jeff and thanks for exposing the insanity and stupidity but they go hand and hand at Flag City Hall and sorry Jerry but polar bears trump traffic nowdays

  2. On the robin hood tax – what does taxing property owners have to do with affordable housing. It doesn’t lower prices on houses to make them affordable. And just makes it harder for people with not so good credit have a harder time paying back 2 loans . And then the added tax will make affordable homes a little less affordable tor everyone.. then another depart in cityhall that has to run this program which will cost a big chunk of what they want to tax youfor.

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