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George Rivello Files For FLG Mayor Race

It’s official, George Rivello filed Tuesday afternoon with the Flagstaff City Clerk to be an official write in candidate for Flagstaff Mayor. Current first term Mayor Coral Evans is  on the ballot unopposed for re-election. George Revello recently talked with Jeff about why he’s running and what he hopes to accomplish.

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  1. I am so happy that someone is running against Coral Evans…. I will anxiously be listening to all that George R. has to say. If he just has a drop of common sense………he will be getting my vote. I also will be encouraging friends and family to vote for him. I will love to help him get the word out………once again if does have the common sense we so badly need. Thank you………..Thank you for this awesome news.

    • Very very vague! He didn’t seem to have clear answers or plans…. I don’t know. What is his background? Has he previously been involved in the community and been a driving force of change?

  2. This does not sound very promising at all. Sounds like the only thing George wants to do is “slow down” the plans Coral already has in motion. How is this change? He gave zero insight to his plans to improve the city. Why in the world would I vote for someone not involved in the community (as far as I have seen upon research) and can’t provide real answers? If Flag stands any chance against Coral getting reelected we need someone with experience and a plan. Give us something to work with George because in the meantime I just wasted 12 minutes of my time listening to your nonsense.

  3. I see no change in direction the Flagstaff City Council is going as those running for City Council are Democrats which means more Socialistic views and actions as well as More Taxes which continues the heavy burden on those who live in Flagstaff as well as continued High Cost of Living. . And even the County has jumped into the Pot to bring more Taxes on its citizens, even within the city limits of Flagstaff and other towns within Coconino County. In listening to the ‘affordable housing’ I failed to hear of more Mobile Home Parks which cost Is Affordable for most. I only see the Zooning Commission encouraging Developers Huge Apartment buildings in an Over Developed area near the University which does not pay its Fair Share…only its students which not only Pay High Tuition but High Rents too if they live off Campus, not because they want to but because Student Housing on Campus is full and NAU is and has not planned to build more-they let Flagstaff do their job for them. Just look at the Money and Land NAU has. No, Changes Need To Be Made but that is not going to happen.

  4. From what I’m understanding from this interview George has no plan aside from just to run against coral just because she was running unopposed. He had no clear answers and his main one being this town needs to “slow down” but slow down in what exactly? Flagstaff is such a vast community of different people moving at different paces. George seems to be someone who isn’t involved in the community of flagstaff and his run for mayor is the first attempt. George you need a plan to get people behind you because as of right now I can’t stand with a person who doesn’t have a plan to run a town i love.

  5. George needs to take a HUGE step back, and follow his own advise and slow down. Jumping into city politics in haste will come back to bite him hard. As a conservative resident of Flagstaff, this interview made me feel like I am going to have to pick my poison. I am not about to jump on an empathy bandwagon with his campaign war cry of being homeless at one time. One can only assume he has a history of making poor decisions. Why would I want someone with a track record like that making city decisions, that impact my life..Don’t get me wrong, I am being impacted now by Coral Evans. But I am not motivated to get behind someone who doesn’t offer anything more than empty words. His message “if anything, people need another choice”, comes off manipulative and feeding on people who are fed up with the current Mayor’s decisions. I am praying someone else steps up, and challenges Coral and George, so we can have a real election. George, please do another interview and come prepared with some real solutions for the City of Flagstaff. Then I would consider writing your name, when it comes time to vote.

  6. Please pay attention to how Mr. R’s last name is spelled…Is it Ravello, Revello, or Rivello,,,as you have it 3 different spellings.????

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