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Flagstaff: SPIN bikes piling up

As discussed on the Jeff Oravits Show, a new FaceBook page has been set up showing the many places that the Spin bike share bikes are showing up around the city. Looks around, you may see these bikes in trees, on signs, sidewalks, private property, you name it, the bikes are being tossed all over.


  1. My suggestion is to call or e-mail the City Council Members if a bike is left on your property, or call the police, even when or if the bike is left on the sidewalk or in a tree or any place that is inappropriate which is everywhere because there is no designated “Drop-Off” as it could be a safety hazard, a nuisance. The City Council listens to no one but only those that apparently approve of any agenda that the Council approves. The Bike idea is poorly planned and really not given much thought…a company such as Spin should be held responsible as to where the bikes are left as well as pay the tax on each bike that is used, also be responsible to pick up those bikes as people basically are irresponsible as to these types of programs or even as to ‘litter’ as those bikes become when abandoned. Many cities have had problems with this type of Bike program which the Council knew about but ignored; their thinking “it won’t happen here”, but it has.

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