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JeffOShow Podcast Mon. 8/6/18: Gosar vs. ACLU, Dem. Gov. Debate, Tracy Livingston

ACLU drops their case against Congressman Paul Gosar. Jeff asks the question on the show today, when should elected representatives be allowed to block people? Threat of violence, paid trolls, an argumentative idiot?  Someone calling you “Hitler”? Are there some occasions when some people should be blocked?

The three Democrats running for Governor made it clear, THEY NEED MORE OF YOUR MONEY! Garcia, Fryer and Farley just need more of your money. Hey, IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY! Plus, they hate school choice.

“I believe that the best school for every kid, in every neighborhood in this state, should be the local district public school.”
Kelly Fryer, Democrat Candidate for Governor

Get your rabies shots, well not you, your pets. Plus, PHX area homes surpass 2007 peak, or as we like to call it in many NAZ communities, starter home prices.

Superintendent for Public Instruction Candidate Tracy Livingston returns to the show.

Extra costs to send my kids to school. PLUS, speaking of sending kids to school, the TLC reality show family from “Sister Wives” is moving their family to Flagstaff.

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