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Steve Smith to Wendy Rogers: Withdraw from CD1 Congressional race

During a press conference earlier today, State Senator Steve Smith asked GOP primary rival, Wendy Rogers, to drop out of the CD1 Congressional race because of allegations she’s made in recent campaign ads and mailers.

“I am calling on Wendy Rogers to drop out of this race, after issuing a public apology for the damage she has done and is doing to an honest business and my reputation and livelihood.”
          Steve Smith

In a recent Rogers radio ad, Rogers states, “Smith is a slimy character, who’s modeling agency specializes in underaged girls and advertises on websites linked to sex trafficking”

On Wednesday’s Jeff Oravits Show, Smith explained that the company he works for, The Young Agency, is a female minority owned Christian based modeling agency that helps put together modeling ads and campaigns for various companies.

In a mailer, Wendy Rogers referred to a modeling agency website called which has users from throughout the industry who use the site to advertise for casting calls and for models looking for work in the industry. Smith says his company did set up a user profile years ago and says that the profile has been dormant for quite some time.


Smith went on to say that there’s over a million users on this site and said that somebody on that site may have gotten into legal trouble at some point. He went on to say that, “because one of the million or so users got in trouble, you are now linked to that.” Smith compared it to advertising on craigslist or other social media platforms and said that if he advertises on Craigslist and then someone on craigslist abducts someone, am I now linked to that person.

Recent Wendy Rogers mailer

Smith has said that he is,  “in the process of seeking legal remedies under Arizona’s false light and slander laws and will take any legal actions necessary to hold her responsible for her reckless behavior.”

There are 3 candidates running in the GOP primary for CD1, Tiffany Shedd, Steve Smith and Wendy Rogers. Wendy Rogers is scheduled to be on the Jeff Oravits Show on Friday, August 10th during the 4 o’ clock hour.

The primary is August 28th and one candidate will go on to face incumbent Democrat Tom O’Halleran.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday – Friday from 3-5PM & Sundays at 8:30AM on 97.1FM and streams at and

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