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Wendy Rogers has responded to fellow GOP challenger Steve Smiths request that she withdraw from the Congressional District 1 race. Smith asked Rogers to withdraw because of recent campaign radio spots and mailers.

“We stand by our radio ad. It is 100% true.”
        Wendy Rogers

NOTE: Wendy Rogers is scheduled to be on the Jeff Oravits Show on Friday during the 4 o’ clock hour on 97.1FM and streaming at

Wendy Rogers posted this response on their campaign website.

Steve Smith is in panic mode because, despite what he says, he knows he is losing – he hasn’t been up in a single poll all year. We stand by our radio ad. It is 100% true. If Steve Smith can’t handle scrutiny about his supposed “Christian” website with teenage bikini models and girls in lingerie, and the fact that he personally has a profile on Model Mayhem, a website linked to human trafficking by ABC News and the Huffington Post, then he does not have the stomach for a fight against Tom O’Halleran.

Not only is Steve Smith upset that his hidden modeling career is coming out, we are telling voters the truth about his lack of support for President Trump. The fact remains, Smith never endorsed Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton. He is on record ridiculing President Trump’s border wall, calling it “a wall too far”. In contrast, Wendy endorsed President Trump in the primary and held a veterans rally for him. Everything is corroborated on

Today during the press conference, Wendy was on her 50-stop barnstorming tour around the district the size of Pennsylvania. Our number one focus is winning this seat back for Republicans, so we can maintain control of the House of Representatives.

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