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“F” Trump: Flagstaff GOP Office Vandalized

Elisha Dorfsmith shared these photos on twitter @dorfsmith of the GOP office in Flagstaff that was vandalized Sunday evening. The rock thrown included an “F” Trump note on it. A police report was filed.


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  1. And such behavior by the Left, Progressive Socialist Democrats makes one vote for their Party Representative into Office? Is this type of behavior we are threatened with if the people of Flagstaff or even of Arizona do not vote In their Candidate(s)??? I just do not understand the Hate as well as the Civil disobedience some have taken upon themselves. Nothing but good has President Trump done for the Citizens of these United States in bringing back jobs, bringing back and supporting businesses which provide jobs, money in one’s pocket which was sorely lacking, bring back manufacturers, just among the few of many things he has done. But then this isn’t really about President Trump, it is about this Country standing on its own two feet, being supportive of Individual thought and actions, not Dependent on Government to live, not Dependent on Government to feed, cloth, make decisions for us. Freedom is not to be feared but to be embraced. The person who threw the rock, in the long run, is to be pitied because only ignorance is their background. So tell me, what has been taught in our schools in the last 20-30 decades?

  2. I agree with what Kate is saying. I really think that the “left” is running scared and they are encouraging all this discord and hate we see with their rhetoric and behavior. After all, Trump was not one of them. He is a businessman. He could care less about their political agenda. We have been led for years by leaders who can’t lead because their hands are tied because our Congress is not doing their job and they are afraid to shake things up. What is the definition of insanity, do the same thing over and over and expect different results?? Congress is not working for the American people, hell they can’t get anything done.
    I know one thing, I will NEVER vote for a democrat again. I used to vote for the person not the party. I can not support the democrat agenda. How are we supposed to offer free healthcare for all, free college for all, entitlements that no one wants to touch, etc. etc. etc. And open borders?? Please. We may be considered the most affluent country in the world, but if we don’t get a handle on this, we won’t be for long.

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