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FLG Councilmember Putzova blames AZ Chamber

On Monday the Arizona Supreme Court ruled to block the initiative:

“A majority of the court finds the proposition’s description of the change in tax rate combined with the omission of any discussion of changes in indexing for inflation collectively creates a significant danger of confusion or unfairness.”

Flagstaff Councilmember Eva Putzova responded on Twitter today:



  1. Someone should tell Eva Putzova that it was the Arizona Supreme Court, and not the AZ Chamber of Commerce who struck down prop 207! And thank God they did too! Teachers just got a 20% raise, money that comes from the citizen tax payers, not from thin air!

  2. I know of no starving Teacher as they have at least a salary; would be nice if we were all rich but that is not really practical as someone has to work to get things done. The Red Ed got greedy, especially when the Unions get involved as they want a portion of your take. Ms. Putzova as well as those who approve of Socialism tactics should realize there is just so much money one can squeeze from the Tax Payers. Do you Ms. Putzova realize this Nation is In Debt to the tune of 21-22 Trillion Dollars which one day each of us will have to pay. Red Ed went to the AZ. Legislature, not to the Education Board in your various cities Whom Are The Ones Who Make The Decisions As To Salaries For All Who Work In Education, Not Teachers Only. As a Tax Payer for not only Local, State and Federal, I am up to my ears in paying Tax on everything….as you a City Council Member along with the other City Council Members have Taxed galore and continue to do so. Whether we need the bonds as well as the bridge over the tracks, whatever, because you and the City Council thinks citizens of Flagstaff can be Taxed without end, I for one am voting No on any and all projects, am not supporting anything of this City Council because you and your Socialist attitudes are greedy- gerties. Millions each year has been given to Education, yet where has the money gone to as I have never heard of any accountability except hearing voices calling for more and more money. The Government is wasteful: Local, State and Federal; because we pay taxes it seems Government thinks there is no bottom. Well, in my pocket, there is a bottom and it has been reached.

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