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Noah Karvelis: “not going to sit here passively, idely”

In response to the Arizona Supreme Courts decision to block the Invest in Education Initiative from the ballot this November, #RedForEd leader Noah Karvelis is encouraging his followers to mobilze and act quickly in a video he released on FaceBook this morning.

He’s asking his followers to go down to the Supreme Court and to have a “strong presence” at a planned protest at the Arizona Supreme Court. In his Facebook video he asks his followers to stand up during this protest and say,

“we are not going to sit here passively, idely and allow the Supreme Court to rip away the option to vote for funding our schools”

Referring to the ruling on the Invest in Education Initiative that would have raised upwards of $690,000,000 per year through a massive increase in the income tax, Karvelis had this to say,

“$690,000,000 were just ripped away from them”

Audio from the Karvelis FaceBook post:

We’ll have more on this today starting at 3PM on the Jeff Oravits Show on 97.1FM and streaming at


  1. Good ole Noah Karvelis, a music teacher that thinks Bernie Sanders is a economic hero and by the the way little man you didn’t even pass your civics exam and I doubt know how to play chopsticks. You have had the fifteen minutes of fame that you don’t deserve too bad the AZ Supreme Court has the final say. next time try holding your breath and roll around on the floor. Darn guess you might have to pay for a ticket to the next socialist convention.

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