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FLG: Mayor Coral Evans pursuing condemnation of private property for affordable housing

At last Tuesdays Flagstaff City Council meeting, Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans asked for a future agenda item to pursue “condemnation” of private property for development of “affordable housing”. Specifically she is looking at the Black Bird Roost Trailer Park in West Flagstaff.

She will need the support of 3 other Councilmembers for this to move forward. Vice Mayor Whelan indicated earlier in the meeting that she supported expediting this issue. The vote should come up in the next couple of weeks.

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    • Then, if they condemn it, are they going to use our tax dollars to build housing? Will it be city run housing? Is it to come from this proposed “Robinhood Tax”? Lots of questions here.

  1. I don’t see it on the agenda for the Sept. 4 meeting. Two item requests for future topic discussion were already on the schedule. I assume it will be pushed out to a future meeting.

  2. If a subject makes my blood boil this is one of them. Mobile Home Parks are good places to live and are affordable. Mobile Homes themselves have improved tremendously over the years, just like ‘Stick’ homes. But let us back up for just a minute. How does throwing people out of their mobile home helping the Housing Problem? Years ago the Flagstaff City Council put a ‘block’ on Mobile Home Parks-making it hard for MHP’s to get new tenets, new MH’s established, apparently regulations were toughened to because the MHP I was living in and had for 26years, the owners of Cameo MHP had to close its Park…60 mobile homes had to move. The MHP was a clean, neat Park and very friendly. There were many of us who had lived there for years on end. Many of us had to leave our MH due to not being able to afford the move even though the State helped, the monies from the State were not as high as they are today but even today’s would not cover costs. My mobile, as the others, were in good shape but the cost of moving was too high. MH’s can not be moved with the furniture inside, only kitchen stove/refrig. can stay, all other to be moved to a storage until the MH is moved to another MHP or lot, then must wait to be inspected (inspection can be a week or more) before one can move back into it. And MHP’s want monies for deposit just like apts, do. All Utilities have charges for re-installment; So it is not cheap to move, just as it is not cheap for Anyone to move regardless of what type of home they live in. The City Council is showing just how ignorant they are as it is not a simple deal. There Needs to Be A Safeguard from those in City Council who makes arbitrary decisions that hugely affects other people’s lives. This Flagstaff City Council talks about their concern for those who are having problems with housing and its cost; hypocrisy abounds for they have no concern for those of us who live in MH’s, Mobile Home Parks, nor for people in ‘Stick” houses as they, from my understanding, condemn 2 houses to make way for the ‘turn-a-bout or turn-a-round or whatever’ on Switzer Canyon to accommodate those coming off Turquoise which costs at least a million if not more by the time said or done. There was a street light at the other end and Pine Cliff area residents could have taken the new roadway where the Catholic Church stands, Enterprise. Mobile Homes are good homes to live in and far more cheaper to maintain than a ‘Stick’ home. Men and women of the Flagstaff City Council really do not consider the Lives and Life they affect with their decisions. We are not Toys to move around from here to there. This needs to be reminded for you who make your Living from Government; You need to be held Accountable for your decisions. As for those who are running for City Council, remember whatever you do, whatever you decide affects not only the Wallet but the Lives of people whom you represent. It seems this City Council under Cora Evans has Forgotten and that goes for the Vice Mayor too. And one other, in 2011 the Flagstaff City Council reversed the decisions as to MHP’s and Cameo MHP was able to re-open. Tell me, Mayor Evans, are you and this City Council going to reimburse the 60 MH’s owners who had to move which should include the owners of Cameo too. You should , if there were any justice, but you won’t.

    • Thanks for your comment. Mobile homes and modular homes are great homes when it comes to affordability and like you said, they’ve improved tremendously. I’m going to go into more detail next week as to how we got to this point with this particular property. Mayor Evans has been involved with this for a long time and every step of the way her decisions compound the problem and require more of her “help”.

      Again thanks for listening and for commenting!

  3. I’d like to know what happened to the affordable housing in Ponderosa trails? I recall when they where developing Ponderosa Trails there was a section that was dedicated to affordable house that never happened. Why?

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