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78 arrested by ICE. Putzova brandishes “abolish ICE” sign at FLG Council meeting.

According to the AZDailySun, 78 were arrested in a week long immigration sweep throughout Arizona. Alleged crimes include,

aggravated assault, kidnapping, drug trafficking and domestic violence

After this sweep, which included arrests in Flagstaff, AZ, some politicians continue to call for the abolition of ICE. Flagstaff City Councilwoman Eva Putzova joined the call to abolish ICE which has been echoed by other politicians including Gubernatorial candidate David Garcia. At a recent Flagstaff City Council meeting Putzova brandished a sign at the meeting that read,



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  1. Putzova is way out of line injecting her personal politics at a public meeting. I guess she want to have drug traffickers, domestic violence abusers and kidnappers in her midst!

  2. Maybe there should be a sign to Banish Socialist Eva Putzova from the Flagstaff City Council, but then we Have the Good Fortune she will be gone in 2019/ ICE is welcomed to Flagstaff Eva, you do not Own this city. In fact, it really puzzles me that you have such Socialist Ideologies and be in the U.S. of A. where by our Beautiful Republic U.S. Constitution Protects American Citizens and Legal Immigrants.

  3. I wonder if Ms. Putzova would have the sign “#Abolish ICE, STOP TERRORIZING FLAGSTAFF” if she every had a loved one get hurt by them????

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