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Condemnation of Mayor Coral Evans Private Property Condemnation Plans

David from Flagstaff called in today during the program to condemn Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans proposal for the condemnation of private property for the use of affordable housing.

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  1. What Mayor Evans and those who remain silent or approve of the her Actions, that goes for the Vice Mayor Whelan too, seems to be doing something that to me borders on corruption. This action does not seem to me legal; not a lawyer but the Owner sold the property to another, yet now the City wants to condemn and more than likely pay the new owner as little as they can get by with using the Zoning Laws as a buffer. I remember the Company-Continental apts. or some such who had built apts. all over the U.S. had sued a Council member for interference a this same mobile home site years ago but either pulled the suit or was denied. So it seems that the same is happening now under the guise of Affordable Housing. What this City Council is doing to this City of Flagstaff stings. And yes, I am not a fan of City Councils, especially when they abuse their Office by the Power they hold.

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