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Prop 418 signs stolen hours after being put up

Steve Finch has reported multiple yes on 418 signs being stolen throughout Flagstaff. Prop 418 will stop Flagstaff’s minimum wage from going to $15.50 by 2020.


  1. The Left Progressive Marxist Socialist Democrat Party are working hard in Flagstaff, not only on the Flagstaff City Council but throwing rocks into the GOP Office and now trying to smother pro 418 signs. Interesting how ugly the elections have gotten all across the Country. Think not? The closer the November Election the worse it will become. There will probably be other signs, like the prop 126. You can be sure prop 127 signs will have no trouble as that is a Democrat prop. You criticize the GOP dirty doings but they are nothing compared to the Democrats dirt. It would be nice if all Parties were clean but in reality the dirt flies and people being people, what they are, dirt draws the attention-does not make it right but that is the reality. Vote Republican, vote yes prop 418, prop 126… No prop 127 🙂

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