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Adam Shimoni: housing, wages, opioids, money in politics

Adam Shimoni returns to the Jeff Oravits Show to discuss his bid for the Flagstaff City Council.

Shimoni discusses his support of Prop 422 (AKA the Robinhood Tax), his support of Flagstaff’s $15.50 minimum wage, his push for people to shop local and how to solve the opioid epidemic. 

“Affordable housing and attainable housing is my number one priority”
Adam Shimoni

On Student Housing…
“I’m against any, ALL student focused housing developments in Flag, period.”

On Prop 422…
“This housing bond will help, now how much it will help, we’ll see, and who gets supported, that depends on the committee but ultimately on council.”

“While Adam and I politically are polar opposites, I love him man, I think he’s awesome.”
   Listener Caller, Greg


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  1. Not surprised by this candidates stance on the Propositions being promoted in Flagstaff; no concern for Tax Payers, just spend, spend, spend. As to the $15.00 wage, he knows nothing of Economics , in my opinion. Anytime the Flagstaff City Council involves themselves in Private Property, with the intent to make it Private Property no more with heavy regulations simply makes the whole matter worse The Flagstaff City Council and those who think Socialism is the way to go is sad. More and more we shall see more smothering of people rights; higher taxes being pushed on Flagstaff citizens. I was so disappointed in hearing yesterdays conversation as the skyline of Flagstaff, so very sad as they do not care, just lets have more buildings like the Hub, ignore the fact that we live next to a forest and every expansion takes away the Wild Life feeding and water holes where it becomes dangerous for Wildlife to be so near. There is more to Flagstaff than just housing. But then they don’t care.

  2. There is no way I could ever vote for Adam and will highly recommend others not to either. He is a dreamer and just not realistic on how bad these propositions will hurt Flagstaff. It just amazes me how highly intelligent people do not have a drop of common sense.

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