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Here’s the Sinema Poster as discussed with McSally today

Here’s the poster Congresswoman McSally referred to on the program today. CNN recently reported on this anti Iraq War poster which was used by Kyrsten Sinema in the early 2000’s.


  1. I can tell you what that poster shows. That poster shows the Military Industrial Complex. It was not an attack on individual soldiers. I’m not saying vote Sinema but I am saying that McSally is OWNED by the military industrial complex. McSally’s attacks against Sinema for opposing the Iraq war are garbage. Sinema’s arguments were no different from what Ron Paul was saying at the same time. And what Rand Paul talks about…even today.

  2. Interesting poster; guess Sinema changed her mind when her brother entered the Military; have not seen that Pro Sinema Ad for some time, just her Ad saying she supports the Military, etc. now. Minds do change when a Family member is involved so now she supports the Military and especially the Military pay raise.

  3. Mr. Dorfsmith, you certainly view the Sinema poster Ad different than how I viewed it. The three skeletons represent a soldier, perhaps the government and John Q. Public. The line of women or girls seem to imply either they were pushing back the three or pleading with their lives. The soldier certainly looks threatening, as to do the women/girls harm as the soldier skeleton holds the rifle. As to the government dollars, the poster suggest ‘profits’ and to John Q. Public-not sure what that represents. War can make or break a Nation, depending on many factors, as to the economy. At any rate, I don’t see where McSally was wrong as to suggest Sinema was against the Iraq war. Yes, Ron and Rand Paul were against the Iraq war, so were Many People, but at the same time Many were for going to war with Iraq. The ugly part this poster plays is that the Decision to go to war was made; the condemnation of our Military is evident with the soldier/rifle. Now you apparently saw this as “Military Industrial Complex” and somehow you feel that McSally is “Owned” by this “Military Industrial Complex” without further explanation. I can not support Sinema because she is a Socialists; As to the poster, it bears out how she felt at the time, the organization she represented back in the 2000’s. I am sorry, but the poster, to me, proves McSally’s point. I will bet you that someone else who looks at the poster comes away with a different viewpoint than you or me. Both Sinema and McSally’s campaign Ads hold some negative as well as positive information, take it or leave it. As to CNN, many people are aware that CNN has little knowledge as to what is truth. And again, ask yourself why Sinema changed her mind as to the Military. America is still involved with Afghanistan, our military are there. Veterans support both McSally and Sinema, but what did Obama do as to the Veterans Hospitals while in Office, what did his visits to Phoenix bring as to change in the care, immediate care of our Veterans? Nothing. Support of our Military has more than just support as to war, it means total Support as to defense weapons, Military Families, Salaries, medical support care and much more than what I have stated. You have noticed as well as I have how Now Support for the Military and Veterans is Popular with Congress , both Democrats and Republicans, now which was not the case under Obama. McSally has been supportive as she was a part of the Military, Sinema has not. Think what you will but look back to see the difference in how these two have conducted themselves over the years, in Office as well as not in Office.

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